My fascination for modern architecture and design springs from my drafting and lived experience. The journey for my acrylics on canvas begins by collecting inspiring images of landscapes, building design and interiors on social media. While most people scroll past these depictions of places and static spaces, my intent is to canonise the symbiotic relationship between man and the built environment. I accent their purity and human intimacy by creating paintings vacant of people while immortalising the buildings and interiors with acrylic paint.

I choose to use Permaplastik acrylic paints on canvas or board for my recent body of work. Their vibrant colours allow my pieces to pop. It's a significant departure from my work with crystal rhinestones, and it fits right in with contemporary art. I use a clean, bold style with adventurous colour palettes. I start with the collected image and recreate it on canvas using traditional painting techniques.

The boundaries and relationships between the built and natural environment drive my work. Each element, from the contemporary architecture to the curated garden design, contributes to a sanctuary. My artwork investigates the diversity in popular culture and highlights everyday things that it overlooks. It explores the beauty found in landscapes, interiors and nature's synergy. Houses serve as a time capsule for the times we are experiencing. 

Coast to Coast Group Exhibition   Michael Reid Murrurundi & Southern Highlands   -  2023
Hunters Hill Art Prize   -  2022
National Emerging Art Prize   Michael Reid   -  2022
Little Things Art Prize   Saint Cloche   -  2022
Blake Prize   Casula Arts Centre  -  2020